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To book an appointment call us on 04 513 6918 or email us on
To book an appointment call us on 04 513 6918 or Drop us a message on WhatsApp 0526790464 or email us on

Phase 3: Supportive Care

I want to keep the progress I've made by continuing care.

Rehabilitation For More Support

The process of returning a body to a healthy state must include fixing issues in the spine. This includes dealing with the spines alignment with the body and retraining muscular structures. This phase is not just about addressing immediate issues, but the foundation of good health,  your spine. The overall effect after a few weeks of training is to rebalance the whole system, and to make you a stronger, more stable and efficiently operating machine. This makes pain and discomfort far less likely, and ensures that all exercise is done on strong “hard-wired” foundations. The person now knows how to move correctly. And with correct movement, comes safer and stronger movement.